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Position that utilizes my experience and education.


A professional with experience in management, laboratory testing and research, production environments, and customer relations.


Developed a modified test method in response to customer complaints about the lack of correlation between test results of oil degradation and actual field observations.  New method restored customer confidence and helped to extend the time between oil changes in large natural gas compressors, which could cost millions of dollars per day in downtime.

Performed extensive evaluations of an emission spectrometer and determined that the instrument would not meet the laboratory's needs.  Convinced vendor of claims and secured agreement to exchange spectrometer for another model.  Thorough investigation saved the company $60,000.

Evaluated, recommended the purchase of, and developed an industry-leading method for a state-of-the-art Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) to measure metals in a wide range of petroleum products.  The manufacturer was so impressed with the method that they adopted it and it is now being used to market their ICP product line in the petroleum industry.

Provided daily direction to 6 research assistants.  Leadership abilities recognized when asked to train new assistants and serve as acting laboratory manager during manager's absences.

As a member of a 10-person industry panel, played a key role in getting the panel to accept CITGO's gas chromatography (GC) method for simulated distillation as the preferred method for measuring oil volatility by GC.  This method is one of two that will be used to establish specifications for motor oil volatility.

Chaired laboratory's health and safety committee.  Developed policies, conducted periodic audits to identify problems, and held meetings/training sessions to ensure a safe, hazard-free working environment.  Achieved a record of 0 accidents over a 2-year period.